FOR THOSE who are experiencing difficulties and problems with dating today, I am available for private and personal consulting. I give assistance, advice and practical guidance on how to find - and keep - that elusive special person you've been looking for. 

Looking for a speaker on modern love, life, sex and relationships? My insight, experience and knowledge will liven up even the most staid of corporate or group gatherings with fun, lively talks on surviving in today's hazardous emotional and relationship jungle.

"Valerie Gibson did a fabulous job as a speaker and the moderator or our panel of experts for the Joy of Aging. We had rave reviews from our audience about her speech and her sense of humour and the incredible ease with which she talked about subjects that are difficult for most people to talk about. Her insights as to how to stay vibrant and enjoy life to the fullest no matter what your age may be, were inspirational and entertaining. It was an absolute pleasure working with Valerie, and I would highly recommend her as a speaker on matters related to relationships and healthy aging."

My talks include contemporary advice and help on dating, marriage, sex and relationships for men and women 40-plus, as well as experiences and anecdotes of my own interesting and varied journey through the relationship maze.

I am particularly popular with women's groups and networks, bringing inspiration with my unique brand of optimism and cheerfulness on getting older, getting better and making aging an inspiring adventure.

Rates according to requirements. 
Valerie can be reached personally at